1. Qualcomm, a notable chip maker

    May 10, 2012 by elegant

    The Barron’s Magazine published a list of 500 America’s Top Companies ranked by the magazine on May 7, 2012. The San Diego based Qualcomm received four out of possible four points ranking the company number 4th on the list. It received a ranking of an “A” in all three major criteria used by Barron’s to rate 500 major companies beating other tech giants such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Microsoft and others.


    Every 3G and 4G smartphone has a chip made by Qualcomm or a producer who uses technology licensed by Qualcomm. In 2011, Qualcomm sold over 483 million chips thanks to the explosive growth in the smartphone industry. Worldwide sale of smartphones are expected to grow by 35 percent this year.

    Qualcomm earned over $15 billion from the sale of chips. More than two thirds of Qualcomm revenue came from its own chips and the remainder from royalty due to the licensing of its chip technology.

    Qualcomm outsource its production of chips. Lately they are having trouble meeting the demand. However, in order to meet the demand created by the rapid expansion of the technology and demand from tablets and other home-electronics devises, Qualcomm is making calculated acquisitions of other companies.

  2. Would you like to hire a NASA scientist?

    April 11, 2012 by elegant

    NASA launched its last Space Shuttle mission in 2011. Since that time NASA have laid off over 9,200 contractors that worked for the program as well as affiliated fields. They in turn laid off scores of employees who worked for them. NASA is faced with a dwindling budget and an uncertain future. Top scientists who once worked for NASA and affiliated agencies are becoming the biggest available talent pool for the space, robotics, IT, computer and related industries.


    Young college graduates, who once dreamed of joining NASA, now prefer working for startup establishments hoping for a major breakthrough and a path to financial freedom.

    Some former employees of NASA have turned entrepreneurs. In Florida where more than 8,000 employees got laid off by the Kennedy Space Center finds it difficult to move due to the sour nature of the housing market. The Brevard County where the Kennedy Space Center is located is home to more than 17 new startup businesses. The story is similar for Texas, California and other states where NASA facilities are located.

    NASAs well trained multitalented employees may be the biggest talent pool available for technology companies including cloud computing.

  3. Here’s social networking software for your business

    February 14, 2012 by elegant

    Does your company need to brainstorm among employees, communicate with partners and customers?


    Jive Software makes a Facebook style social network for businesses where employees and their bosses can communicate with one another within a protected environment. Make no mistake, it is not a social media, it is a serious business tool. It enables communication between employees; communicate with business partners and customers. Jive Engage (formally known as Clearspace and subsequently Jive SBS) combines community software, collaboration software, social networking software and social media monitoring into one product. Intentions are to increase team work and productivity. It enables workers to communicate, share ideas and see each other’s work. It also allows video conferencing.

    Jive helps to increase employee productivity by cutting company e-mails and lower the cost of communication with customers due to reduce cost for telephone services.

    Intel used Jive software to create it’s Open Port, a highly interactive online community for the company. Other jive customers include VMware, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, NetApp, Linden Lab, National Instruments and many others.

    Jive Software founded in 2001 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Other office locations are in Oregon, Colorado, Germany, Israel and United Kingdom.

  4. Step-by-step plan on choosing an online shopping cart

    April 11, 2017 by admin

    Written by Secure Net Shop

    The best way to selecting an online shopping cart is to document the entire process. This way you will not miss any detail. The choice of the shopping cart is the most important technical decision any site owner will make. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the decision:

    Step 1 – Make a list of every single feature that your customers will ever need. These features can be everything from gift cards, reviews, shipping prices, newsletters, discounts, etc. These are customer focused features that help themselves and others to make a decision.

    Step 2 – The next list you will need is for technical features. Do you require multiple images, 360-degree rotation, videos? Do the products come in more than one combination of features like color, sizing, and material?

    Step 3- Now you need to put together a list of admin features you need. We are looking at features like reports; stock reorders levels, A/B testing, etc.

    Step 4 – Look at the three lists and prioritize them by their importance. Avoid assigning the same importance to multiple items. This stage is where you have to make some hard calls.

    Step 5- In this last step, take a list of shopping carts and match them against your list of requirements and priorities. Not all shopping cart systems will have everything you need, but at the very least you can use these lists to prioritize and eliminate certain options.


    Add the ability to sell goods or services from your website with shopping cart commerce software from Secure Net Shop.

  5. Comparing different air conditioning systems

    November 17, 2016 by admin

    movincool1Organizations have differing methods of implementing an air conditioning solution for their buildings. Generally, there are various options that can be used. They all involve a mix of central and cassette and other split type air conditioners. Here is a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types

    Central plant

    The biggest advantage of the central plant system is that the whole building can be controlled and maintained from a central location. In addition, the start and stop times for cooling can also be set well in advance. The drawback, on the other hand, is the that these units are very expensive to install. Especially in existing building as extensive ducting is required to run the cool air through the entire building.

    Room air conditioners

    The primary advantages for room air conditioners are the low cost and the ability to control the temperature in each individual room. The disadvantages include the noise levels from the indoor units, the piping required and the periodic maintenance.

    Fan coil units

    A fan coil unit is cheaper to install than a central plant and provides individual room control. There are however many disadvantages. In addition to the noise and maintenance, long runs of piping are required. There is also a limit to the cooling output like room air conditioners.


    MovinCool is a provider of industrial cooling that unlike a traditional fan coil unit, offers a totally self-contained unit that is perfect for small rooms and tight spaces that are easy to install.

  6. Web Development Hacks Anyone Can Use

    September 6, 2016 by admin

    web-development-woman-with-globeBuilding a website or mobile application is no easy task, even for the most talented of developers. If you’re fond of trying your hand in app and web development and need some basic information on getting started, use the following tricks to get your feet wet:

    Use a Separate CSS Style Sheet

    While mobile app developers Los Angeles and web developers know how to separate code when necessary, many new developers who are learning the trade will have difficulty with understanding the importance of doing so.

    CSS is used to style code in a website. After setting parameters around the code in the HTML body, make sure to cut and paste the actual CSS into a separate sheet, and place the link of that sheet onto the main HTML sheet. This will help your websites load much faster.

    Use Native Mobile Languages

    Android app development specialists should always code using the Android native language. The development process is faster and it’s much easier to make changes when necessary.

    iPhone app developers Los Angeles follow the same practice when developing a mobile application by coding with Swift.

    Always Develop One Platform at a Time

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to develop a mobile app and website is attempting to develop all three at the same time. The end result will likely be that the Android and iOS applications won’t match, and any issues that arise will need to be solved twice.

    Develop your website first and then move onto either the iOS or Android application.

    Founded in 2005, Halcyon Innovation is an expert team of iPhone app developers in Los Angeles who can help you create the next award-winning business application.

  7. What To Look For In An iPhone App Developer

    March 10, 2016 by admin

    Looking for a great iPhone app developer is about locating somebody who understands the need of the app idea. Some of the best iPhone app developers Los Angeles are trained and have spent years developing their craft in design and programming. It’s vital to find the right people who understand the process.


    The first thing to remember is to find mobile application development Los Angeles companies who have created several successful apps in the past. You want to find somebody who can cater to the needs of the ideas, and then also make sure the design of their previous apps can potentially be what’s needed for this new app. Plenty of experience under their belt is a worthwhile thing to look out for in a developer.

    Working with a developer and a company specifically is great because they could have their build help out on building the app. A single person developer may not be a wise choice time-wise unless it’s something you can do in the long run and down the road. Working with an iPhone app development company Los Angeles can be helpful because they can start from scratch and work with their team to build the app.

    iPhone app developers are a dime in a dozen. There are too many to choose from at any given time. Find somebody who is easy to work with in terms of your timetable and personality. It’s best to work with somebody who is easy to work with and somewhat pleasurable to be around.
    Outsource work to Halcyon Innovation to work with mobile app developers from Los Angeles.

  8. How to Begin Your IT Career

    January 12, 2016 by admin

    Here are some tips that you’ll need to start a career in the Information Technology field.

    The Information Technology (IT) field is a growing industry that is always undergoing rapid changes due to continuous advances in computer science. With job rates forecasted to grow by a substantial number, the time for you to hop on the IT wagon is now.


    In order for you to land a job in the field, you’re going to need the proper education and certification to do so. You could start off with some basic Microsoft training in Los Angeles schools. Search the Internet for some qualified candidates and schedule some interviews. Understand what type of program they run and who they cater to. There are various job titles in the IT field, so you may want to single out which one appeals to you the most.it-image

    Once you’ve found the right computer school in Los Angeles, you’re going to want to single out what specific part of the field you want to work in. This can be easily done by identifying your interests and looking into all of the different jobs in IT.

    Job Hunt

    Once you’ve completed your training, it’s important that you network to get one foot in the door. You can do this by interning – note that many internships do not pay. But, what you will receive in return is valuable information that you can take with you to your next interview or job. Knowledge is more valuable than people take it to be. It can help you score the big job that you’ve always wanted and it can help you make better decisions when working in the field.


    Brand College is a premiere institute that provides linux training in Los Angeles. With years of experience and a trained staff, they’re ready to provide you with the essentials that you’ll need to take your dreams to the next step.

  9. Online Time Clocks Versus Time Clock Terminals

    November 23, 2015 by admin

    See the advantages of using a computer to clock in versus using a terminal.

    uAttend-MobApp-2TWeb-based time clocks have become a popular option for business owners. The numerous advantages that they have over the old-fashioned models make them a growing trend in today’s micromanaging world. But, time clocks have improved vastly in their aesthetics as well as their functionalities. Certain timeclocks like a biometric-based system scans the user’s facial features as well as their physical features to make them one of the most accurate systems on the market.

    Online Time Clocks

    The web-based application of an online time clock makes for a simple and paper-less way for employees to clock in. As long as there is access to a computer, an employee can clock in, anywhere. Without wasting valuable IT resources for managing payroll and time sheets, a web-based system can log all the hours allocated to an individual’s shift and translate it into an easily readable form. An employee time clock no longer has to be mounted on a wall or designated to a certain room for an employee to clock in.

    Time Clock Terminals

    Having an actual timeclock terminal inside your business gives you, the business owner, complete control over each employee’s hours, shifts, payroll, etc. By doing so, your employee will have to manually clock in through a terminal to gain access to their hours and to be able to clock in. This can be advantageous for you in the case of fraudulent activity going on behind-the-scenes without you even knowing. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up paying your employees for work that they aren’t even doing. That’ll eventually add up.

    From simple employee punch clocks to sophisticated web based time and attendance systems, Allied Time has it all.

  10. The Capabilities of Oligonucleotides on Medicine

    by admin

    Through continuous research, disease-prevention is slowly heading in the right direction.

    Advancements in both science and medicine have altered the way that human diseases function. Clinical tests and methods continue to be performed under stressful conditions in order for there to be a positive breakthrough. Utilizing a modified oligo is one way to fight against diseases such as cancer.

    viral-cellsIn order for viral cells to be detected, a molecular beacon probe is used as an indicator to determine what type of disease the human body is suffering from. Think of it as a fluorescent indicator. The beacon is comprised of a stem, a couple of arms, and a fluorescent and nonfluorescent moiety attached to each other. The stem hybrid prevents the fluorescence from occurring prior to being utilized. Once the probe encounters a molecule that could potentially be viral, then it pulls apart the arms forcing the beacon to fluoresce.

    The power of the molecular beacon lies with one factor, the hybridization. Only through target sequences that complement each other fully, will there be different colored fluorophores and detect anomalies within a test tube.

    Many times molecular beacons are synthesized from oligonucleotides through the process oligo synthesis. Being as versatile as they are, oligonucleotides continue to play a factor in not only the assessment of diseases but also for preventative measurements. Their capabilities are continuing to be utilized more. It has shown through two FDA-approved medicine types. Their widespread utility has been followed by aggressive clinical tests and will continue to advance to where someday a beneficial cure will be created that will withstand the limitations of today’s challenges.

    Guided by their commitment to quality, The Midland Certified Reagent Company has designed and built DNA synthesizers that produce oligonucleotides of higher sequence fidelity than any instruments commercially available today.

  11. Time clocks Help Increase Productivity

    September 17, 2015 by admin

    By Allied Time

    When it comes to your company’s investments, employees have to be right up there at the top. For one thing, you spend a lot of money on this asset. Your overhead is definitely going to represent employee salaries and benefits more than just about anything, depending on the industry you’re in.

    alliedtime3Then there are the actual results they bring to the table. It should go without saying that if you don’t have employees who can really step up and take a swing at getting better results for your company, that overhead we just mentioned will all be for nothing.

    Obviously, this means a lot of businesses are constantly looking for ways to get better results from their employees. Perhaps you count yourself among them. If so, you should look into fingerprint time clocks or biometric time clock for the sake of beefing up what your employees can do.

    While it may seem simple, even the simplest of time clocks can pay off in a big way by helping you track when your employees show up, when they leave and, thus, just how much work they’re really doing. In the end, you may find that using a time clock was one of the best ideas you ever had for helping your company bring about bigger profits.


    Whether you just want a normal time clock or something more advanced, you’ll love what Allied Time has to offer. Not only do they have a wide array of products, but their prices are still plenty affordable too.

  12. The importance of time and attendance monitoring for the small business owner

    July 20, 2015 by admin

    Written by Allied Time

    As the owner of a small business, profitability depends on the careful monitoring of the day-to-day operations of the organization. A part of this making sure that full use of your most valuable resource: employee time, is used wisely. In order for it to be used wisely it must also be measured.

    alliedtime3Using automated time clocks and software will make sure that employee time is measured and tracked. The first result is that tardiness will reduce, with more employees arriving on time and leaving at the right time. An employee arriving half an hour late without penalty over the long term is a serious productivity hit. In addition it also affects the morale of those who do arrive on time and see no punishment for those who violate it.

    Pair the automated time and attendance system with an automated payroll system and you have a cost effective method of accurately calculating wages. This will save you on both the cost of payroll preparation and unnecessary labor costs from miscalculated time sheets and under attendance.

    The goal of having a time attendance system is twofold. Primarily it is to reduce the costs of labor by increasing efficiency and attendance. Secondly it is to free up the management from micromanaging the labor force to being able to focus on the larger more important need to grow the business.

    Allied Time provides time machine solutions for your employee time tracking needs.

  13. Finally Windows 10 is here

    July 17, 2015 by elegant

    After months of ramblings and speculations Microsoft’s Windows 10 will be available on July 29, 2015. The best news is it can be downloaded free of charge for those non-corporate users who are using earlier versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 that came out in 2012. Windows 10 is a more refined version and has been vastly enhanced. The introduction of Windows 10 will help to slowdown attacks from Apple and Google on Microsoft’s domain.


    The best news is Windows 10 can communicate with PCs, tablets and other devices. It fixes what was wrong with Windows 8 and combines all available knowledge into one heck of an operation system. Touch lovers should enjoy it more than others. Don’t worry keyboard and mouse lovers you can still use Windows 10 with more enhancements. Those who are using Windows for navigation on their smartphones will love the availability of Cortana. It is a dream comes true for game lovers. Windows 10 can stream real-time games to your desktop from Xbox One in another room. Those who were lucky enough to use the demo version for months can’t stop raving about Windows 10. Expect more stories to come out when millions of people start to use it.