1. Qualcomm, a notable chip maker

    May 10, 2012 by elegant

    The Barron’s Magazine published a list of 500 America’s Top Companies ranked by the magazine on May 7, 2012. The San Diego based Qualcomm received four out of possible four points ranking the company number 4th on the list. It received a ranking of an “A” in all three major criteria used by Barron’s to rate 500 major companies beating other tech giants such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Microsoft and others.


    Every 3G and 4G smartphone has a chip made by Qualcomm or a producer who uses technology licensed by Qualcomm. In 2011, Qualcomm sold over 483 million chips thanks to the explosive growth in the smartphone industry. Worldwide sale of smartphones are expected to grow by 35 percent this year.

    Qualcomm earned over $15 billion from the sale of chips. More than two thirds of Qualcomm revenue came from its own chips and the remainder from royalty due to the licensing of its chip technology.

    Qualcomm outsource its production of chips. Lately they are having trouble meeting the demand. However, in order to meet the demand created by the rapid expansion of the technology and demand from tablets and other home-electronics devises, Qualcomm is making calculated acquisitions of other companies.

  2. Would you like to hire a NASA scientist?

    April 11, 2012 by elegant

    NASA launched its last Space Shuttle mission in 2011. Since that time NASA have laid off over 9,200 contractors that worked for the program as well as affiliated fields. They in turn laid off scores of employees who worked for them. NASA is faced with a dwindling budget and an uncertain future. Top scientists who once worked for NASA and affiliated agencies are becoming the biggest available talent pool for the space, robotics, IT, computer and related industries.


    Young college graduates, who once dreamed of joining NASA, now prefer working for startup establishments hoping for a major breakthrough and a path to financial freedom.

    Some former employees of NASA have turned entrepreneurs. In Florida where more than 8,000 employees got laid off by the Kennedy Space Center finds it difficult to move due to the sour nature of the housing market. The Brevard County where the Kennedy Space Center is located is home to more than 17 new startup businesses. The story is similar for Texas, California and other states where NASA facilities are located.

    NASAs well trained multitalented employees may be the biggest talent pool available for technology companies including cloud computing.

  3. Here’s social networking software for your business

    February 14, 2012 by elegant

    Does your company need to brainstorm among employees, communicate with partners and customers?


    Jive Software makes a Facebook style social network for businesses where employees and their bosses can communicate with one another within a protected environment. Make no mistake, it is not a social media, it is a serious business tool. It enables communication between employees; communicate with business partners and customers. Jive Engage (formally known as Clearspace and subsequently Jive SBS) combines community software, collaboration software, social networking software and social media monitoring into one product. Intentions are to increase team work and productivity. It enables workers to communicate, share ideas and see each other’s work. It also allows video conferencing.

    Jive helps to increase employee productivity by cutting company e-mails and lower the cost of communication with customers due to reduce cost for telephone services.

    Intel used Jive software to create it’s Open Port, a highly interactive online community for the company. Other jive customers include VMware, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, NetApp, Linden Lab, National Instruments and many others.

    Jive Software founded in 2001 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Other office locations are in Oregon, Colorado, Germany, Israel and United Kingdom.

  4. Lenovo is diversifying its hardware business

    March 5, 2014 by elegant

    The world’s No. 1 Personal Computer (PC) maker, Lenovo, is also concentrating its efforts in becoming a powerful smartphone maker. It dominates the Chinese PC market and due to shrinking worldwide PC sales it is expecting to diversify. The Chinese hardware maker is aiming at taking a bite of Apple and be a contender for Samsung. It is currently the world’s No. 4 smartphone maker according to IDC. The world’s No. 1 smartphone maker Samsung with 28.8 percent share of the smartphone market at the end of 2013 is the leader followed by Apple with a 17.9 percent market share. Another Chinese company, Huawei, is the No.3 smartphone maker in the world.

    Lenovo’s market share of smartphones is rising much faster than others. Apple experience only about 10 percent growth while Samsung’s growth is almost flat. Google is selling its Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for almost $3 billion. Lenovo smartphones are becoming more popular in countries like Indonesia. Lenovo is also diversifying into server business. It is buying IBM’s x86 server business for $2.3 billion and will become the world’s third largest server business. Now it has four main business groups; PCs, mobile, server and storage, and cloud services.

  5. Keeping Cool

    February 18, 2014 by admin

    By Movincool

                    There are a lot of companies and schools that decide to place all their computers in one designated computer room. This makes it convenient for all the people in the office or school since there is only one place for them to go to in order to access a computer. It is also a nice solution as multiple people can work together on computers at once with this configuration. The problem that arises from this, though, is heat. With several bodies in the room and a ton of computers powered at the same time, heat is going to start getting higher. That’s when air-conditioning steps in. An efficient yet powerful air conditioner can do the job and successfully keep your computer room and everyone in it at a proper temperature to maximize productivity and minimize computer damage.

                    Spot cooling is a more effective way of keeping your computers cool as some computers, especially ones being used, will heat up more than others. A normal air conditioning unit will keep the room at a certain temperature but not each computer. Potable air conditioning units can be used and directed at specific computers or areas for spot cooling. Proper cooling for your computer room can assure your computers’ lives will last long and will help your company achieve its goals. Rental portable air conditioner units are a viable option in case your company or school’s computer room does not always need spot cooling for intensive use of the computer terminals.

    Movincool is a brand of the DENSO corporation. They are the makers of powerful potable air conditioning units and are pioneers of spot cooling technology.

  6. Your personal cloud made easier

    February 7, 2014 by elegant

    Many of us signup for free teaser cloud storage accounts from popular services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud to find that we max out the limit soon. To get around the limits, many of us open multiple accounts with multiple log-in. These provide challenges such as remembering passwords and most face difficulty in switching between Apple and Android products. This is where Lyve Minds come into help you. At the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, it unveiled a free online app storage product along with a much larger, two terabytes storage service for a fee that serve as a personal cloud. Not only that it make it easier to transfer data between multiple devices but also make the portability much easier. Lyve Minds is funded by the Seagate Technologies.

    Seagate Technologies and Western Digital are two major players in cloud storage hardware and software products. It is estimated that more and more people will own at least three mobile devices in the near future that are Web connected requiring easy access and storage sharing between devices. Rather than carrying external hard drives more and more people will turn into cloud storage for photos and other services.

  7. Target credit information breach calls for newer smart chip card technology

    January 2, 2014 by elegant

    On December 19, 2013, retail giant Target revealed that its customer data has been breached. Initial report indicated that hackers may have obtained names, addresses, bank account and other vital information of about 40 million its customers. But as days went by and more and more information became available, many think it may have affected more than 90 million customers. It appears that other retailers including Neiman Marcus may have also been breached. Many state legislators and the U.S. Congress are asking explanations.

    The breach is bringing the age old security concerns of cyber data. Many thinks that the magnetic strip technology that the U.S. is using is highly antiquated and call for more secure encryption of data and asking to switch over to smart chip credit cards which are much more secure and reduce counterfeiting. Smart card has a small chip embedded in the card that carry encrypted personal data. The consumer needs to enter a PIN to activate the information. Only about one to five percent of credit cards used in the U.S. today carry the technology. Even though the U.S. is slow to adopt the technology, many other countries use the smart card technology.

  8. Monitoring to Prevent Distraction

    December 19, 2013 by admin

    A company that uses a lot of computers will find it hard to monitor what its employees do with them. With all those screens it is simply too difficult to control what the employees do on their computers. Of course, there is a certain amount of time allowed for non-work related and personal matters but when it is time for work, the only things that should be done on these computers is that. The remote desktop protocol that is built into the computers allows for that kind of monitoring to happen. With special third party software, a remote desktop monitor can be used to check on what it is that is being done on the PCs. Whether actual work is being done or productivity is being wasted, it will be seen by those monitoring these units.

    With the help of a remote desktop manager, control can be given to a person over any computer that is linked to remote desktop protocol. One could be able to close windows, send messages, and even send files to specific folders and drives with this useful tool. A remote desktop manager will surely increase productivity not just by preventing employees from accessing distractions on the internet but also allow for easy file and computer organization from one point.

    Get access to these third party software today and maximize productivity in the digital workspace. Prevent distractions from happening and monitor each and every computer unit that is in the office.


    Article submitted by RDPSoft Company, trusted providers of remote desktop software with superb features such as submitting a remote desktop report.

  9. Facebook’s Open Compute Project to revolutionize the entire data center industry

    December 3, 2013 by elegant

    Announced in April 2011, Open Compute Project (OCP) is a brain child of Facebook. It is intended to openly share data center products for efficiency and designs. The ever increasing demand for computer infrastructure, hardware and software, drove Facebook to find a cheaper and better alternative to traditional data center products.

    Facebook is known for its revolutionary ideas and using its own technology to find new ways to do things. They prefer cutting edge technology and easy operation. That pushed them to introduce OCP. The result is more energy efficient servers, cooling systems that cut down on energy use and use more air from outside, simple screw-less server chassis, slim down server racks, and integrated AC/Dc power. The success of OCP is so huge that some think it will reshape the enterprise-vender relationship and rearrange the traditional sales and distribution. The most recent development includes a variety of generic devices that are capable of working with multiple operating systems which provides more flexibility in network design and challenge traditional proprietary software platforms. Since 2011, the Open Compute Project has developed beyond Facebook and now includes Goldman Sachs, Arista Networks, Intel, Rackspace and many others.

  10. How to Make Effective Display Ads

    November 18, 2013 by admin

    By Ted Dhanik 

    Online display ads are posted on websites that are geared towards a specific target audience.  They are incredibly powerful marketing tools that have been shown to increase sales and clients for many companies worldwide.  Display advertising can be used to accomplish specific goals for a business’ marketing aims such as increasing website traffic and brand recognition.

    In this digital age, advertisers have to consider the variety of platforms that viewers use and observe display ads on every single day.  Computers, mobile devices, and tablets all feature different types of ads which means advertisers need to come up with a myriad of ads for the diverse mediums available.

    In order to make a display ad achieve its intended goals, it’s important to follow a few key steps.   Firstly, consumers respond better to one image than when many different messages or images are used.  Due to this, advertisers need to put a lot of thought into one image that delivers the right point.  Display ads need to have a specific intention behind them.  The goal of these ads is to induce a reaction or thought in the minds of viewers and potential clients.

    Another crucial factor in an ad is the copy involved.  Just as with the image, it’s important to aim for a simple and clear message.  Most experts recommend fewer words rather than a lot of text.  Ads should be succinct, clear, and relatively universal.  The key is to choose a short memo that delivers an influential message.

    Author bio: Guest post is submitted by the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik.  engage: BDR offers advertisers state-of-the-art marketing solutions, advanced technology, and custom programming.  Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, business sales, and business development.  Ted Dhanik is a leading consultant when it comes to banner and display advertising.

  11. The Two Types of Terminal Server Monitoring

    November 17, 2013 by admin

    Countless companies rely on terminal servers for their convenience and efficiency. It’s hard to imagine the challenges many companies would face if those servers weren’t an option. However, they’re not a perfect solution. As some companies find out the hard way, they need to be monitored in order to defend against bigger problems. Continue reading for two popular methods of doing so.

    When it comes to remote desktop management, you may need nothing more complicated than a simple log. There are many software programs out there designed to simply take note of who’s beginning a session and when they’re ending it. Furthermore, this software can record the programs that were run and make note of any lengthy idle time. This can be a huge help if your company is concerned with security, as well as holding your employees accountable for the work they’re doing in the terminal.

    However, other companies may need a bit more from their monitoring software. For example, companies that work in the finance industry, those that work with government agencies or government agencies themselves might all need heightened surveillance. For them, there is software that actually allows the user to monitor the whole terminal server session, even after it’s complete. The software makes a recording of everything that happened on screen.

    If your company utilizes terminal server monitoring, it can be helpful to use software that allows you to keep an eye on who’s using it and how.


    Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They provide terminal server solutions to clients who need a regular remote desktop report for security purposes.

  12. Keeping Track of your Network’s Activities

    October 21, 2013 by admin

    Keeping track of the activities and productivity of one’s employees has always been an important aspect of running a business. It ensures that your resources are properly utilized and your secrets are kept secret. In earlier times, it was very simple to keep track due to the very limited applications and uses of computers, however the rise of technology over the past years have increased the amount of activities and applications of computer systems at work and therefore made tracking more difficult using traditional methods.

    Modern day problems call for modern day solutions. Due to the high volume of network activity going in and out of the terminal server and workstation desktops, it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the activity and chances are, you’ll miss out on something important. There are several terminal server monitors available on the market; these are used to log terminal server activities. This way, you can always keep track of the activities even when you’re not looking. From the information gathered, you can produce remote desktop reports on user session activities, programs opened, productivity of the user, and many more. These easy to use tools make network administrators well aware of all network activities.

    Keeping track of your network’s activities has never been easier when you use the proper tools. A good company will recognize the fact that their most valuable asset is their employees and in doing so, it is paramount to make sure that their productivity and efficiency are prioritized.


    This article was submitted by RDPSoft Company. Various network tools available from RDPSoft Company including a terminal server monitor.

  13. New e-reader from Amazon.com

    October 2, 2013 by elegant

    Amazon.com is introducing a new e-reader called The All-New Kindle Paperwhite for $ 119 with Wi-Fi and $179 with Wi-Fi and 3G just in time for the upcoming holiday season. The unit is acclaimed for not having glare and for its e-ink technology. It weighs 7.3 ounces compared to Apple’s iPad Mini that weighs 10.9 ounces. Not only that, it is undercutting the much anticipated Apple’s iPad Mini by $100 hoping to grab more sales. Its battery is expected to last eight-weeks with two GB storage. The device also carries Amazon’s page numbers as well as remaining reading time for a chapter and the book. The best part is that it contains a system to flag an event or page that you like to visit while keep reading. Amazon started selling Kindle two years after Apple started its tablets.

    Amazon introduced its family of Kindle e-readers six years ago. Today the whole Kindle system in addition to the e-reader includes digital books, music, movies and more estimated at north of $23 billion. Amazon has a policy not to disclose sales figures except for what is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, exact number of units sold worldwide is not available except for many varied estimates.